Customer relationship management or CRM

One of the processes that we have paid attention to in Elixir Aso and have basic plans for it is the issue of customer relationship management. I think it would be better to explain a little about this topic first so that we all know what we are talking about.

One of the topics that has been the focus of companies and business managers in the last few decades is the topic of the customer and paying attention to his tastes and desires. The reason why in the last few years this issue has attracted more attention and resources and issues around its domain is perhaps because the variety of products, the variety of suppliers and suppliers, as well as the effects of social networks have increased. Which has caused suppliers and manufacturers to turn to other key issues, including customer relationship management, in addition to the difference and distinction in product quality, and in this way, they can make their distinction more prominent than competitors. The point that exists in such issues and should be paid special attention to is to know what CRM is “not”. Today, some businesses, with the customer’s mobile number in hand, send him seasonal discount offers, or congratulate the customer on his birthday on the same day. It should be noted that this issue and these actions are in the field of mobile and SMS marketing and cannot be a part of CRM.

There are different definitions for customer relationship management that can be cited. But the important point is that in fact all definitions consist of two different approaches to this issue that one. The look is software and two. approach and atmospheric look.

What should be considered is that even if a system in the form of powerful software with the ability to record and record each and every customer transaction is established in the complex and forms a strong database of customers, as long as the attitude of the management and the spirit of the system towards It cannot be said that the company has a strong CRM system if it does not meet the customer’s needs and handle their complaints until they are done. Finally, it can be claimed that a proper marketing software and database system has been created.

I think that in order to create a spirit of communication with the customer, an atmosphere beyond these discussions should be created in the collection. All the processes and mechanisms that are created in a system should be in such a way that they all ultimately lead to effective communication with the customer. The important point is that despite focusing on effective communication with the customer, one should not deviate from professionalism and advance the organization in a way that deviates from its defined standard systems, just to provide and satisfy the customer’s needs. At the same time, the customer’s taste should be considered in his order.

Customer relationship management is established before the financial transaction and sales to the customer. Before the customer makes a purchase from the collection, if he has the slightest connection with the organization, even if it does not lead to a purchase, he is a valuable contact that must be maintained.

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