Organizational frameworks

Aso Elixir’s organizational motto includes the culture with which we run the organization, “Innovation is our vision”. At Elixir Aso, we are always looking for the implementation of the latest standards and the most up-to-date technologies, and our team is always improving. Elixir Aso consists of the best and has made the culture of responsiveness, innovation, sustainability and customer orientation its basic principle.

We put ``Customer Orientation`` at the center of all our activities and processes

At Elixir Aso, we believe that in order to retain customers, we must be as skilled as attracting customers. The ease of direct communication with the customer service department, 24-hour response in the form of technical advice and attention to the highest level of product standards are among the things that we have provided for our customers to achieve this important goal.

We value our human resources.

By implementing the latest and most up-to-date human resources standards, including Orsa, we have placed the main basis of our business on respecting the human capital of the organization and paying attention to the needs of our personnel. In the long run, the success of an organization depends on the satisfaction of its members.

We are committed to ``innovation``.

Innovation can be difficult for large organizations. But at Elixir Aso, we have made this possible and we are constantly looking to improve our current organizational processes in order to create the most value and provide the best services to our customers and human resources.

We are committed to ``Sustainable Leadership``.

Sustainable leadership is defined as “meeting the needs of the business today, without sacrificing the needs of the future.” At Elixir Aso, we run the organization with a strategy of preserving the environment and the main resources.

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