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Exir Aso is a company located in Soltanieh industrial zone 45 km away from Zanjan city in Iran. It produces Sulfonic Acid under the Asodex brand and Texapon under the Aponex brand. The company was founded by Karan Energy Co. and is one of the newest sites for producing the two mentioned valuable materials.

The company’s slogan is “Innovation is Our Business Plan” and it always seeks to implement the latest standards and technologies. The organization is composed of a highly motivated and professional team that has made the culture of response, innovation, sustainability and customer-orientation its fundamental principles.

Sulphonic acid is the most common raw material of the detergent industry, which is included in the category of surfactants. Due to their special molecular structure, surfactants such as texapan and sulfonic acid can dissolve fats and remove pollution and fat from the washing environment.

Sulfonic acid is light brown in color and has a high viscosity (almost like liquid honey). Sulfonic acids are produced through the sulfonation process.


Organic sulfates and sulfonates are produced in industry using the reaction of carbon compounds (alkylbenzenes, fatty alcohols, ethoxylated fatty alcohols) with diluted SO3 gas. This reaction is called sulfonation or sulfation based on the functional group formed. In elixir, azosulfonation is performed in the MFTR reactor.

Sulphonic acids produced in this process can be directly marketed and sold. Otherwise, the acids produced in the sulfonation or sulfation unit are neutralized by appropriate organic salts.

Elixir Aso sulfonation and sulfonation plant includes the following units:

Sulfur fuel and formation of SO3 gas
After melting sulfur in the melting furnace, the molten sulfur enters the fuel furnace and burns to form SO2 gas. After this step, SO2 gas enters the catalytic bed to be converted into SO3 gas.

Sulfur smelting unit

At this stage, sulfur, which is purchased and stored in powder form, enters the furnace and is melted by adjusting the temperature and pressure in a certain range, so that it can be used for the next stage process, which is sulfur fuel.

Air drying unit

In this unit, the ambient air enters the moisture absorbing substrates and dries to a large extent. The presence of moisture in the process causes the production of harmful side products and lowers the efficiency of the sulfonation unit, which is the heart of the process.

exhaust gas purification
After leaving the main product and unreacted gas from the reactor, the gas first enters the electrostatic filter to separate the mists and liquid droplets that have entered the gas. The gas coming out of the electrostatic filter, which is free of liquid droplets, enters the scrubber to react with suitable neutralizers and a gas free of any pollution enters the atmosphere.

In some types of sulfonic acids or texapone, after producing the product and before transferring it to the storage tanks, in order to increase the stability of the product, it should be neutralized by using suitable bases.

The SO3 gas formed in the catalytic bed enters the most important equipment of the sulfonation process, which is the reactor, to be combined with linear alkylbenzene LAB to become the main product, which is sulfonic acid.

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