Environmental activities

Here in Exir Aso, in addition to our responsibility towards human resources and the society we live in, we are also responsible towards the environment, and we have to Prevent environmental pollution – of any kind – on our agenda. The sustainability and durability of energy for future generations is our driving force in the path of environmental actions that we do in Exir Aso . Not only do we pay attention to this point in the production of our products, but our values, culture and organizational framework as a chemical industry company are based on these values. The global warming process has reached a critical point and one of the reasons for this is the polluting gases that come out of the exhausts of chemical industries. Exir Aso has designed and implemented a complete ecosystem of energy consumption and emissions reduction. The technology of this process has been developed in Exir Aso Co. in a way to reduce the costs as much as possible. To further improve this process, Exir Aso’s research and development unit is continuously searching and planning to gain more access to reduce new energy consumption and reduce emissions processes for better business uses.

Saving energy consumption and reducing emissions is the duty of all Exir Aso personnel, regardless of job position. Keeping this public duty in mind, the directors has set high standards for the protection of the environment for its personnel and always ensures that these standards remain high.

Here in Exir Aso, we care about the environment that we live in in addition to caring about human resources and the society. We manage to prevent air, soil and water pollution by the strategy we’ve implied. Energy sustainability is the driving force for every environmental-oriented job we do. Our corporate culture, values and mission are structured in this path.

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