Sodium lauryl ether sulfate

Texapen or sodium lauryl ether sulfate is an anionic surfactant based on 12 and 14 carbon fatty alcohol. This fatty alcohol, which is mainly produced in Malaysia with plant origin, is ethoxylated in Shazand Petrochemical after entering Iran. Ethoxylation increases the stability of the foam and improves its compatibility with the skin of the hand. After ethoxylation of the fatty alcohol, this alcohol enters the sulfonation plants, of which there are a handful in the country.

Sulfation process

During the sulfation process, this alcohol reacts with sulfur trioxide gas and after neutralization with sodium hydroxide, it becomes sodium lauryl ether sulfate, texapone or texapone. Depending on how much water it has, Texapen is available in two types: 70% and 30%. Of course, Texapen cannot be prepared in any concentration. For example, Texapon hardens strongly in concentrations between 30 and 70%. While Texapen is 70% paste and Tegrapen is 30% viscous liquid and they are easy to use.

Physical properties of Texapon

Texapen is a white or pale yellow paste that has good foaming and cleaning properties. Texapen is used in a wide range of detergent products such as shampoos, washing liquids, dishwashing liquids, etc. One of the characteristics of Texapen is its high foaming property. Other features of Texapen include its very strong detergent properties, emulsification, viscosification and foam stability.

Note that sodium lauryl ether sulfate should not be confused with sodium lauryl sulfate, also known as SLS. One of the advantages of Texapen compared to SLS is the number of ethoxylated moles, which reduces skin irritation, foam stability and better regulation of product viscosity. One of the most important features of texapen is that in combination with loramide, betaine and sodium chloride salt, it gives viscosity to the product, while sulfonic acid does not have much viscosity-giving properties. Also, the price of tegrapen is much higher than the price of sulfonic acid. It should be noted that loramides and betaines are used in detergent products to increase foam stability and create finer foams, which will improve washing performance. Loramide and betaine have good emulsifying and cleaning capabilities.

What is Texapon Shellfish?

Another substance that is known in the category of Texapene in Iran is Texapene Sedafi. This substance is actually a combination of Texapen, water and another substance called ethylene glycol monostearate and glycol distearate, which in special production conditions leads to the production of a white and shell-shaped substance that is usually used to create a more stylish and beautiful appearance in products such as shampoos and liquids. Detergent is used.

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