Sulfonic Acid

Linear alkyl benzene sulfonic acid is the scientific name of this acid, which is abbreviated as LABSA. One of the appearance features of this material Its viscosity is very high which is almost like viscous honey. Its color varies from light brown to dark brown. If the amount of LABS in it is high, it will be dark brown or even black, which is of lower quality, and too light brown is not desirable due to the presence of unusual impurities. The smell is not significant, but at the same time it is unpleasant. The strong smell of acid is the reason for its poor quality. Sulfonic acid is soluble in water, non-volatile and absorbs moisture, and is used as emulsifying agents, additives and lubricating oils, and to prevent corrosion and rust. Alkyl benzene sulfonate, as a surface-active substance, has an anionic sulfonate part and an alkyl part, which consists of linear alkyl benzene sulfonazide. Alkyl benzene sulfonic acid is the most important and the most commonly used surfactant in the formulation of powder and liquid detergents.

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